VENDOR F.A.Q.'s - Eventrockit
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Q. What is Eventrockit Food Market?

A. We are an outdoor food and retail market happening on weekends year-round. We are in Pasedena at the Paseo Colorado. 300 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101


Q. Awesome. I can keep reading but can I call you for an overview and ask questions instead?

A. Yes. Call us at 323 639 0297


Q. Can you let me know if someone is doing a menu similar to mine?

A. Of course, our goal is to maintain a unique variety of culinary menus for our attendees to enjoy. But if you decide to do a menu similar to another vendor’s, we will simply place you at a distance from that vendor.


Q. Is this vendor space my storefront?

A. Yes, this is your storefront so you design the menu and the prices. You can change either menu or price anytime without confirmation from us in any way.


Q. How can I be an alcohol vendor?

A. You will need a state issued alcohol license and then get a permit with Alcoholic Beverage Control.


Q. What kind of payments should I accept as a vendor?

A. All forms would be ideal: cash/credit/debit. For credit/debit, take a look at options from Paypal, Square, and other great merchant applications that work well with your phone.


Q. Can you describe the vendor space?

A. It’s a 10×10 foot space that you will rent. It’s just the space so you would bring whatever else you may need for setup ie table, 10×10 tent, power generator, cookware. We go into the evening hours so if you need electricity, please bring a generator or rent electricity outlets from us. Its 25 usd for 2 outlets.


Q. What is the cost?

A. Rates vary by location and type of vendor. Please contact us for rates for the location(s) you are interested in. By default, we take care of reservations in smaller installments where each installment is completed at 2 week intervals.


Q. I want to reserve by space but what if I don’t have Paypal?

A. Paypal offers payments with Visa/Mastercard/Amex.


Q. Can I pay in full and NOT do the installments?

A. Of course. The reservation page will have both installment and full balance options.


Q. What if we sell out for the day?
A. You’re free to close for the day.


Q. Will there be security?

A. Yes.


Q. What permits do I need?
A. You will need a health permit.


Q. What’s the cost of the health permit?
A. It varies depending on the city. It usually is around 160-200 for 3 months. Pasadena is 6 months.


Q. When should I finish the health application?

A. As soon as possible. You will e-mail it directly to the health department for processing.


Q. What if I need to prepare food prior to arrival at the event?

A. Eventrockit is signed up officially with a commercial kitchen that its vendors can also use. Each Chef would need to pay for hourly use of the kitchen which goes directly to the commercial kitchen.


Q. How many vendors are at the event?

A. We average around 20-25 vendors per event. Most are repeat vendors as this is their continual storefront.


Q. Is the event happening rain or shine?
A. By default yes. But if we know it will rain ahead of time, we will postpone the event in order to prevent inventory waste.


Q. What if I change my mind about attendance?
A. We refund 50% as long as you have not postponed. Please see our refund policy under our Terms of Use (located at the bottom of each page). If you are postponing to another date, we can flexibly move you to any later date as long as we are notified by Wednesday before the event date. Absolutely no refund if you attend the event and/or if you miss the event for whatever reason. If you postpone your attendance to a later date, there is no refund.


Q. What if I want to sign up after my first attendance but there’s no more space?

A. We go week by week flexibly. No long term commitment. Let’s say you just finished attending our Saturday/Sunday event, you have until Tuesday to register for the following Saturday/Sunday. Up until Tuesday, you’ll have 100% priority registration so you won’t lose your space. After Tuesday, registration will be open to other interested vendors. If you do sign up for a date and you are suddenly unavailable, simply let us know by Wednesday and we’ll move you to a later date. If you update us on postponement or cancellation after Wednesday, there will be an inconvenience fee of 35 dollars.


Q. Is there electricity?
A. Electricity is available for rent. 2 outlets at 25 dollars for the day. 3 outlets for 35 dollars for the day. Feel free to bring your own generator.


Q. What are common menu prices?
A.  Prices are 100% up to you.


Q. How many things should I have on my menu?
A. It is suggested to keep it between 1 to 5 items. This helps with fast turnaround and efficiency. You don’t want a long line of unhappy customers waiting 10 minutes for food orders.


Q. What should my menu portion be?
A. This is also 100% up to you.


Q. Allergy listing?

A. Yes, please provide food ingredients and allergy listing upon request. There will be folks with allergy sensitivities so be prepared.


Q. What if I want a second space?

A. You can reserve a second space and if you would like it to be adjacent to your current space, we can do that.


Q. Cool! I’m ready. What’s next?

A. Great! Please first submit your information through our vendor form (email, phone, tentative menu) and then make the reservation through Paypal. We will email you a confirmation email with several PDF’s including the Vendor Start PDF, and partially filled health application. From there, we will call you to answer any questions you may have. We’re here for your success.


Q. Can I call you? I have questions!

A. Of course. Here’s the number: 323 639 0297